Soft Plastics

Outkast Custom Baits

 Outkast Custom Baits was born to be just that. The Outkast. We want to be different, and offer products that you don't see everyday, as well as carry the normal. There are many bait companies in this business and it takes an edge to be able to compete. I offer not only soft plastics, but jigs as well. Here are the products I offer so far... The popular (kraken) 5" OCB stick 4" OCB stick 4" crazy craw 6.5" finesse/shakey worm 6.5" swim worm 5" soft Jerkbait 1.5 and 2" twisters 3" swim grubs Salt tubes Brush jigs Shakey jigs Tube jigs Wacky weighted hook/jig Everything is field tested and will not sell them unless they are proven fish slayers.

Maniac Custom Lures

We manufacture high quality soft plastic lures and jigs, with unique colors that catch fish. Maniac Lures are designed to look and feel natural, so you can catch more fish and have more fun. Tournament Proven for Bass as well as through the ice for Trout. Walleye, Bass, Burbot, Crappie and many others.. We have a lure for just about any species that you want to catch. All of our soft plastics are made by fisherman in the U.S.A. for Fisherman that want to catch more fish. Also we can make custom colors for those that prefer their own color creations.