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Hello and Welcome!

Beef jerky. A salty snack. Too salty. Beef jerky doesn't have to taste like a salt block! We have the capability to make the world's best beef jerky. A&S will be that jerky. 

Sweeter, Bolder, Better

A&S started out with one thing in mind...better jerky. As a life-long jerky lover I had grown tired of the one-dimensional taste that has dominated the jerky industry for years. After culinary school I decided to do something about it. We start with eye of round. A lean, flavorful cut usually reserved for roast beef or steaks. We slice it against the grain to the perfect thickness, then it's straight into one of our signature marinades where it spends the next few days taking in the bold flavor. The drying process transforms the marinated strips into succulent beef jerky that's right in the sweet spot between tough and tender. We don't skip steps. We don't take shortcuts. Our customers deserve the absolute best jerky experience. That is what we strive to deliver.    

A&S Jerky Co.LLC